Creative Services for the Independent Minded

I'm an author, designer and artist who helps other creatives with their tedious work so they can keep on writing and designing.

I offer website design services--anything from simple web development to more complicated projects like e-commerce sites or blogs for clients looking for something specific; book layout assistance if you need help formatting a manuscript according to the industry standard specifications (I'll also take care of any covers); even marketing advice!

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How can I help?

I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Work smarter, Create harder, Don't Worry!

I will do the tedious stuff so you can keep on doing what you do.

I am an independent author and publisher who helps creative people focus on what they do best: creating. I do the tedious work so you can get back to your art, writing or whatever else it is that makes up your creative lifestyle!

I have many years of experience with indie publishing, game development and multimedia production. I can help you put that into practice!

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Be More Productive

When you know you have the small stuff handled, you can focus on the big ideas.

  • Book Covers
  • Print and eBook Layouts
  • Ready to Submit - Publish on Demand Files

Digital Marketing

Don't be scared of Marketing, let me show you the way!

  • Promotional Materials and Media
  • Web site development, Hosting and Management
  • Custom WordPress and Static Web Sites
  • Audio and Video Editing
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